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Our Promise

1. Stricter Diamond Standards: Each Aiver diamond is carefully selected through strictest criteria, with only the finest for our jewellery. The 4C's commonly used to evaluate diamonds (cut, color, clarity, carat weight) are not everything when picking out diamonds of superlative beauty. We evaluate each diamond on criteria beyond the 4C's.

2. Cut To Maximize Brilliance: A diamond's brilliance is determined by the amount of light returned to the eye. The greater the brilliance, the more a diamond sparkles. Our diamonds are cut for beauty, not for size. Each diamond is cut with the appropriate proportion to maximize its brilliance. Hence, in comparing two diamonds, the diamond with the superior cut will noticeably sparkle more.

3. Unique Ring Settings: Our Brilliance Setting was created by our team of top designers in Asia and gemologists to magnify the light reflection around the diamond. This means the ring setting helps to enhance the brilliance of each gem, making the diamond appear bigger.

4. A Lifetime Guarantee: Our Diamond Certificate, backed by a Full Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee, certifies the authenticity and integrity of your diamond for a lifetime - a promise you can trust.

5. Ethical Sourcing: We are committed to obtaining precious metals and gemstones in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible. We only work with partners that strictly adhere to the Kimberley process to ensure that your diamond comes from conflict-free sources.

6. No Guess Work: Not sure what kind of ring she will fall in love with? No problem. After your proposal, if she prefers a different style, come back together and pick out a new ring* of her dreams with no extra charge. (*Ring of equal value).

7. Trade-up Guarantee: We guarantee the value of our diamonds. If you ever decide to trade-up your diamond ring, you will receive a credit equivalent to the original price of your ring towards anything of a higher value.

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