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Our Expertise

Expertise in Diamond:
Each Aiver diamond is carefully selected through strictest criteria, with only the finest for our jewellery. The diamonds are graded by the world's leading independent gemological laboratories such as GIA, Gem Scan and EGL. They are purchased from ethical sources and are guaranteed conflict free. We stand behind the quality of our diamonds. Each Aiver Diamonds is backed by a full lifetime money-back guarantee, giving you the peace of mind knowing its authenticity and integrity. This is a diamond you and your loved one can feel great about buying and be proud to show off to the world.

Expertise in Design:
Our team of gemologists and top designers have worked together to create the Brilliance Settings, the innovative designs that magnify light reflection around the diamond, making the stone appear at least 20% larger*.

Expertise in the Trade:
Every Aiver diamond comes with Aiver's guarantee and exceptional value. We buy directly from the source, enabling us to offer wholesale pricing, pass the savings to you.

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